Traumahealing and the art of self-regulation –
Effective tools for emotional balance, stress management and a deeper sense of wellbeing

In our modern lives we all live through times of stress, overwhelm and experience confusion, chronic tensions or lack of orientation. Living in a complex, constantly changing world can result in feeling exhausted or full of anxiety. Some of us carry accumulated stress or unresolved patterns from earlier times with us, making it even more difficult to come back to a state of balance and cope with the demands of daily life. A lot of these difficulties stem from the fact that we haven’t received the right information and training that would give us the skills to navigate through our inner world of instincts, emotions, thoughts and relationships.

This workshop series will give you this information combined with easy and effective tools, so that you can take the process of self-regulation and the integration of emotions and thoughts into your own hands.

You will:

  • Understand how to use the power of your animal instincts – the deepest life force – for deeper wellbeing, creativity and love
  • Understanding and learning the 3 brain model, as an easy way to understand the connection of body, emotions and rational mind
  • Learning effective and simple tools for everyday living to reduce stress, anxiety and fear
  • Making the body your home, knowing and feeling what it needs and how to learn from and better deal with symptoms
  • Gaining Trust in the natural force of self-regulation, which helps you to come back to balance even in times of stress and difficulties
  • Recognize your resources and strengths and make them more accessible in everyday situation

We will work with specifically designed mindfulness practices and physical exercises, through teaching and learning about the biological mechanisms that are responsible for self-regulation, and with partner and group exercises in a safe, playful and respectful atmosphere. 
The work is based on a unique and fresh combination of therapeutic understanding from the world of trauma healing, Positive Psychology, a collection of research from neuroscience in a very practical application and is deeply embedded and aligned with the timeless wisdom of spiritual traditions.


Module 1 – Awakening the Tiger

Becoming intimate with your instincts and emotions for getting grounded. Most of us live in a constant state of disconnection from the ground and our body. Modern life forces us to move fast, think quick and keep it up.
In this way we lose the contact to our grounding, feel overloaded, without energy and get trapped in compulsive modes of thinking. Through simple practices with body and breath, we come back to grounding and centering, which offers us a more healthy way to deal with difficult sensations and emotions.

In this weekend you will specifically understand the biological mechanism of stress and instinctual defense responses (Flight, Fight or Freeze), which often lie at the core of patterns of behavior, emotions or physical symptoms.
You will learn to relate to yourself with more understanding and increased compassion, which enables you to tap into the innate intelligence of your body to restore itself to balance, vitality and relaxation.
You will discover your already existing resources, that help you cope with difficult situations, and you will get new tools to find a deeper connection to being in the body and the sense of inner stability.

  • How to ground and come out of your mind and into your body
  • Get a new understanding of your personal patterns, and learning to embrace their intelligence rather than fighting them
  • Discover your resources and learn how to strengthen and nourish them
  • New and healthy ways of dealing with stress

Module 2 – Being at home in yourself

Healthy boundaries, full embodiment and the joy of being alive.
In this weekend we will continue to deepen the relationship with our body through grounding and specific practices to come into real embodiment. When we are feeling disconnected, numb or cut off from our body, living becomes a struggle with reality and it¥s difficult to experience real joy and deep intimacy with others. When we finally really arrive home in our body, a deeper sense of calmness and fresh vitality becomes available. The body is no longer experienced as a burden but offers us new ways of dealing with stressful situations and unpleasant experiences. If we are home in ourselves the body can expand to contain and hold even conflicting experiences without being overwhelmed by them.

You will learn to relate to your emotions through your body, and discover how this helps you to deal with difficulties, but also allows you to experience life with more fullness, funand emotional connection.
In this module we will also investigate our sense of boundaries and the way we say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in life. We all need healthy and flexible boundaries, but many times we either weren’t supported to develop them, or they got compromised through life experiences. You will learn to consciously set your healthy boundaries, respecting your needs and allowing yourself to open to life in an authentic and trustful way. This will enrich your capacity to make clear and wise decisions in all aspects in your life, and also to bring them into action. We will continue working and deepening your resources and integrate them with the new tools of embodiment and boundary setting for a nourishing practice of conscious/healthy living.

  • How to make the body your home and accept it as your best friend
  • Learn to set new and healthy boundaries in all aspects of your life
  • New clarity and flexibility in respecting your needs and opening to life in an authentic way
  • Understanding the nature of fear, and how to transform your relationship to it

Module 3 – a 4-day Retreat

Moving from hurt and shame to healing and support in conscious relating and living. As humans we are deeply relational beings, but we also know that being in relationship sometimes can be a deeply confusing or even wounding experience. In this 4 day retreat we will combine all the previous understanding to learn about another way of relating with intimate partners, friends and family that supports and nourishes our wellbeing. When we apply the understanding of how stress and our early experiences influence our own state of balance, we also see how it creates conflicts and unhealthy patterns of relating when two people with their own history come together.

In this workshop we will examine and learn to recognize the triggers and mechanisms in oneself and one’s partners, that repeatedly create conflict. With this new understand you can start building new, creative and healthy ways to interact. You will also experience the healing potential of being in a friendly, warm and respectful contact with each other. We are going to explore the power of non-intentional touch, and how it can heal old memories and makes being in contact a practice for healing, regulation and support. You will understand the difference of unhealthy merging and of having clear boundaries while remaining deeply in contact with each other. You will have the time and the support to create a new vision for your life and deeper wellbeing.

  • Tap into the power of healing touch and connection
  • Learn new tools for transforming relationships into a healing and creative space, rather than a wounding or frustrating experience
  • Create a healthy and vibrant vision for your future life
  • Simple practices that will enhance your feeling of wellbeing, gratefulness and creativity


I have experienced him both in group workshops and in a row of individual sessions during last few years. I have appreciated very much clarity of the structure, exactness and also lightness, enthusiasm and compassion in how he works with people. He helped me not to fall again into emotional stances and dramas of my life but create a friendly attitude towards what I got and learned to live with it, sometimes even have fun with it.
(Milena Yasmin)