About Integral Being

Integral Being is an invitation to live as a full, integrated and conscious human being. The work is to meet the challenges of modern life and skillfully provide support to follow life in its most natural and creative way.

It is a meeting place and fresh combination of modern therapeutic understanding from the world of Trauma Healing, attachment theory, practical insights of neuroscience, energetic attunement practices, integral theory, meditation and it is deeply embedded and aligned with the timeless wisdom of spiritual traditions. Here the West shakes hands with the East, and the science of Evolution meets the rich practice of an embodied and contemporary spirituality. It is for everyone who is looking for a fully integrated wisdom, in a complex and fragmented world.

For everyone who has asked:

  • What it means to fully be alive, whole and conscious?
  • How can I deal with the challenges of living in such a complex and dynamic world?
  • Is there a way to connect and discover my potential – and how can I bring into the world?
  • Is there a connection of the timeless wisdom to my very practical questions in relationships, career or health?

What is the offer?

This work is a process of learning and understanding the different dimensions of being alive. The aim is to open your full potential as a human being and to be able to apply your inner discoveries into daily life.

In the work I am providing individual sessions, seminars and longer trainings.

I am convinced that the right combination of individual and group work supports sustainable change and integral development. As social beings we need the exchange and dynamics that happen in group work. To explore myself as part of a group and society, to learn more about the principles of relating and interpersonal dynamics, is a tremendously valuable experience. Additionally it is sometimes necessary to dive deeper into specific topics through individual work. In such a space there is enough time to really work with whatever needs focused attention. This can catalyze fresh insights and new potential steps. The dynamic between individual and group work is a wonderful combination to develop fully as an individual person and as a social being in relationships, family and society at large.

What is the background?

My work is an expression of my passion of exploring human consciousness, what it means to fully be alive and how to bring that understanding into the world. I am since young age fascinated and intrigued by learning about life, and trying to find integration in seemingly contradictory teachings and ideas. This fascination is simply growing deeper as I get older, and learn even more about that which can hold and integrate all contradictions, without simplifying everything and becoming unspecific.

Being able to be really precise and clear with as much professional expertise as possible, when working with people is for me as important as the ability to hold and contain all differences in a larger awareness that doesn´t get caught in the belief of ultimate separation. This is a passion that has led to me learn, explore and practice a multitude of different traditions, methods and approaches, and has brought me in contact with many wonderful teachers and teachings. It is an ongoing process of learning, practicing and sharing my understanding with others. I deeply believe that the meeting of our shared humanity with our timeless essence is what brings healing, creativity, fun and deep meaning into all of our lives.

The Vision

Over time, the understanding in me that whatever I am meeting is already the way and the path that I need to walk in this life, is growing.

The vision is to become as skillful and clear as we can when we are dealing with our human experience, with empathy, care and precision in working with our history and life challenges – individually and collectively. So much that we start recognizing our life not as an obstacle to our potential, but as the path through which we are realizing ourselves as human beings, and from there can gracefully surrender to and rest in the awareness of a higher wisdom that is constantly holding our experience as human beings.