Who are you as a man or
as a masculine person?
How to integrate your instinctual power with your love, sensitivity and passion for living and creating a life with more meaning and purpose?

We need a new vision for masculinity!

Have you also wondered who you are as a man, who you want to be, what´s your purpose as a man in this life? How to integrate your instinctual power with your love, sensitivity and passion for living and creating a life with more meaning and purpose?

Living in the 21st century as men, we see that life has become so intrinsically complex and diverse as never before. Modern life gives us more and more opportunities and ways to live, while at the same time it offers less guidance and orientation. Many men struggle to integrate their strength and ability to take clear positions in life with a growing sensitivity and capacity to take more complex perspectives.

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I offer spaces for men to work with this questions through seminars and individual sessions, as a support and invitation to grow, heal and fully mature as men.

The Seminars are providing a space for men, to meet in an open and conscious environment, to look together into the topic of what it means to be a man.
In individual work we can bring depth and focused attention to whatever needs awareness in order to grow and develop right now.

The intention is not to give out a formula of how to be a man, but rather inquiring together into the greater energy of masculinity, which in its essence is just pure Creative Power. As men we are all individual representations of this divine energy, and in these meetings, we can support each other to re-connect to this source.



“I would say that now I am able to be more stable in what I want without emotional dramas – sometimes I am realizing that some situations are only tests of my inner stability. Now it is 100 % better than it was half a year ago, and this is due to the training with you. Thank You!”

Whoever had the pleasure to be in such a meeting, knows how nourishing, freeing and simply joyful it can be, to meet with Men on such a level. When men meet, we are normally so occupied to compare, judge, evaluate, or simply keep up our protection mechanisms, that it becomes almost impossible to meet others in an open and equal way.

Here such an open space is provided, so we have the opportunity to look into something much more profound. Inquiring into the question of what it is to be a Man?

In these seminars we are following this inquiry mainly through becoming more conscious of how each of us is relating to this greater energy of masculinity. We all carry our individually formed images and ideas of how to be a man. Many of these images we inherited from the collective ideas of our culture, others we collected on our personal path of becoming a man.

Masculinity as the greater force is just pure creative Power. What image and vision we are giving it in our time is up to us.