Seminar ‘Love, Sex & Relationships’ –
A seminar for Men

For every man a substantial part of his life is devoted to the other side of the sexual Polarity. The Feminine. We are pulled towards it for all kinds of reasons. It may be for the sake of sexual intimacy, for emotional nourishment, to find love and intimacy or to enter into a relationship and create a family. It’s always luring, exciting, thrilling, stirring and intense. At other times it’s deeply confusing, overwhelming, difficult, and simply not easy at all. But whatever it is, it’s always attracting us!


In this seminar we will look very close into this dynamic of the sexual polarities and the themes that we encounter when these energies meet. Meeting and relating with Women and the whole world of Feminine energies can be deeply nourishing and pleasurable, but if as Men we don’t know ourselves first, it many times becomes very confusing and complicated. As men we were born into a bond with the feminine through our Mother. This primary relationship deeply shapes and influences the way we relate to women, and therefore needs to become conscious before we can sincerely be free in the way we live our lives with women.


Seminar Contents

In this seminar we will:

  • Connecting with our own female side, with our ‘Inner Woman’, in order to see the polarity of sexual energies in myself first
  • Understand the basic dynamic in the relationship with the Mother, and how this shaped and influenced our way of relating to women
  • Come together as man, to share openly and honestly about all issues around Sex, and learn simple but powerful tools for practicing a more healthy and conscious way of making love (the art of becoming a divine lover of the feminine)
  • Understanding the dynamic play between masculine and feminine energies, and how they are influencing our actual relationships with women
  • Learn the basic principles of healthy and conscious relating, to become more free and present in intimate relationships as well in any meeting with a woman

We will use Active and Silent Meditations, Body and Breathing Exercises, Guided Journeying to connect with our ‘Inner Woman’, the understanding of Family Constellation and Primal Therapy, Sharing, Rituals, Aikido Sword Exercises and the group dynamic to help each other to see and bring clarity into this vital aspect of being a man.