Stillness, Movement as the flow of life and  integral development 

Evolution is the understanding of the movement of life over time. Spirituality is the experience of a timeless dimension that transcends our normal day to day perception of life.

Mindfulness has become a very popular theme in the last decade, and Meditation is not anymore seen as an exclusive activity only for monks and some strange people.

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Traditionally Spirituality was often opposed to the scientific notion of Evolution, and vice versa. However in the last decades there is a renaissance of thinkers, philosophers and spiritual teachers that unite both dimensions. Our spiritual longing is not different from our drive to evolve and grow as human beings.

Most people in the west have either been raised in a secular environment or have turned their backs to traditional religion. As much as this is a good thing in the general evolution of human consciousness, there is also in increasing lack of food for the soul and guidance for deeper movements in life.

The work that is offered here is embedded in this understanding and a support for integrating those longings.


“Working with you actually changed my attitude towards meditation – I enjoy it a lot more now than before – it is now more a space for adventure and exploration rather than something that I should do. (Amused, I realize now that the same is true for my life.)
And most importantly, I realized that outside workshops, life itself is a place where I can learn every moment, like a fascinating book that I am reading. Learning in itself then takes on a fresh and exciting new meaning, it becomes very much alive and boundless.I am very grateful for the depth, the dance, the joy, as well as the mystery and the unknown that was present with us in the workshops.”

Meditation is a powerful tool for many things. It can help to get more focused, relaxed and support resilience in life when facing difficult moments. It can also help to get access to deeper dimensions of creativity, health and wisdom that might normally not be available. I am interested in a spirituality that is not disconnected from life, but that helps to fully embody, for more love, joy and purpose.

Yet fundamentally Meditation is not just another method, but a practice of fully living. A learning process to deeply embrace my humanness, while opening my awareness from self-identification to a deeper dimension/reality.

My work has been deeply influenced by my favorite philosopher Ken Wilber (and many others) and his teaching of Integral Theory, and by the growing community of practitioners and teachers in the integral field.
I also have been studying for many years with my teacher Thomas Hübl, who is a contemporary spiritual teacher integrating mystical principles with the challenges and demands of our current times.
Spiral Dynamics offers a very detailed perspective of the development of values and consciousness in individuals and societies throughout history. I find this an invaluable guiding map to navigate the inner world of people, organizations and nations.

We are all the products and – if we choose to – also active agents of millions of years of evolution. This understanding is reflected in different aspects of my work. In Trauma therapy for example, an important element is to understand the triune brain, that contains millennia of evolution from early reptiles, to mammals and the neocortical brain that makes us human. These structures play a huge role in much of our daily life, mostly without us ever noticing. This awareness and knowledge influences the way of working with therapy as well as working with spirituality and meditation.
Our historic legacy is with us all the time. When I sit down for meditation, my primal instincts (my reptilian brain with its fight, flight, freeze response) might have a very different idea about this than my prefrontal cortex (the area that has been proven to grow through many hours of meditation). Being aware and informed about this can save us a lot of internal fights, frustration and can make us literally more smart and awake.

Here you find offers for meditation retreats, experiential journeys through evolution and seminars based on bringing spiritual practices into a practical application for business, therapy and coaching.