This training is going into its 9th edition this year in Prague, starting in May 2024 / Registration is now open!

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The whole training is held in english with czech translation, therefore international participants are very welcome. The whole staff and a majority of participants are fluent in english!

This training is going into its 9th edition in 2024

This year long training is for men who want to explore the many dimensions of conscious relating in a deep way. It is for men who feel the call to bring clarity, love and presence to their connection with Sexuality, Love and living a life with Purpose.

It is for men who are willing to have an uncompromising look at themselves in the supportive circle of other men who share the same intention.
It is for those who know that we can be more clear, grounded, loving, focused and awake as men.

The Training is held in 5 weekend modules, with a closed and committed group. The third module is longer, starting on Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. There will be mentored meetings in between modules, and you will receive practical assignments and practices to deepen your learning and process.

Is this training for me?

  • If you feel that you are weak, helpless in your relationship with your wife and you are behaving like a good boy and you do not know what your wife wants from you

  • If you feel that you lack depth, satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationships

  • If you are looking for a connection with yourself – your strength, the ability to be loving and open and to be led by a higher goal

  • If you want to take your experience and understanding of sexuality and love to a new level
  • If you are willing to immerse yourself in conscious relationships in a heroic male way
  • If you are looking for a new vision and meaning of your life as a man

If you answered YES at least once,
then this training is for you and read on.

What will the training bring to you?

Relating is at the core of all life. We are born out of connection, and need interaction to grow, thrive and find meaning in life. Relationships are the expressions of this deep interconnection, but very often we are left without any real guidance, training or learning how to navigate these beautiful and difficult dimensions of life.

We are taught very little about the essential aspects of sexuality, the difference between romance and real love and the many choices we have to make as men around intimacy, marriage and family.

At the same time we are surrounded by old myths, cultural stereotypes and naïve stories about how men and women should feel and behave. We are torn between ungrounded idealizations and the often traumatic legacy of centuries of struggle, fights and violence in intimate relationships.

Without any real, grounded information, and being conditioned by cultural messages, it is difficult to find good role models and visions for healthy relationships.

The way we engage in relationships is crucial to our happiness, success, health and the experience of meaning in life.

This Training provides you with the language, skills and experiential learning to bring more ease, clarity, pleasure and awareness to all your relationships – whether in intimacy, marriage or simply your love affair with life itself.

“Male sexuality training has brought fundamental changes to my relationship with my partner. Both in the field of physical love and in the field of mutual understanding and authentic expression of mutual needs.”

Honza, former participant

We will work with our patterns and wounding that often come in the way of creating healthy relationships. Bringing awareness to our personal as well as collective history of trauma and pain can bring new light and clarity into the way we create and sustain relationships.

“Sexuality is not limited to the bedroom. It is a basic energy principle that connects us to life.”

Details about the one year training

This training is an opportunity and a space, where you can renew your love and connection to being alive and conscious as a man with the support of other committed men. This can refresh your body, make your emotional life more rich and stable, bring focus and clarity in your everyday life, ignite your passion for true fulfilling relating with women and understand how dealing with your sexual energy with love and awareness can become a doorway to connect with divinity.

In order to create a healthy and deep connection with the world of women, we first need to understand ourselves as man, where we take the space and the time to explore the drive of our instincts as well as the longing of our soul. In this training you will connect with your already existing qualities and resources, and also become more intimate with your challenges and that which we normally try to avoid and keep in the dark.

You will repeatedly have time to develop your relationship with your Purpose or guiding North Star.
To feel grounded, safe and clear in intimate relationships you need to know your own values, and the commitment to practice them.

The connection with our sexuality can bring us in contact with some of the deepest and most unconscious forces in our lives. Meeting this with guidance and the support of other committed men has an incredible healing potential, where we can invite our shadows into the light of human contact and loving presence.

The work includes the physiological and psychological understanding of sexuality, attachment theory and is embedded in the timeless dimension of meditation and spirituality.

We bring together the ancient wisdom of tantric teachings and sacred sexuality about the masculine and feminine polarities with the western understanding of psychological development, attachment theory, the knowledge of Trauma Therapy and Integral Theory.

We work with a variety of methods in order to skillfully address all the different developmental stages of this theme. Some of the used methods are Active and Silent Meditations, Body and Breathing Exercises, Basics of Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing SE® + NARM), Guided Journeying, the understanding of Family Constellation and Primal Therapy, Sharing, Rituals, Transparent Communication, and the group dynamic to help each other to see and bring clarity into this vital aspect of being a man.

“In training you will discover possibilities and space to renew your love of life and awareness of yourself as a man.”

“Gregor’s work is very human, tolerant, understanding, and can handle even tense crisis situations. He can motivate and move everyone who wants and no matter where he is currently in his development, everyone will take their own.”

Ondřej, former participant

Points we will deal with:

  • Understanding the dynamic play between masculine and feminine energies, and how they are influencing our actual relationships with women
  • Create awareness about how our early connection with Parents shaped, influenced and programmed our unconscious connection to sexuality, the body and relationships in general

  • Regain a healthy connection with our body and physical energy
  • Healing and working through the layers of shame, guilt and disconnection that we carry in our bodies and energetic system, and which inhibit us from finding a fulfilling and nourishing contact through sexuality

  • Learn the principles of healthy and conscious relating, to become more free and present in intimate relationships as well in any meeting with a woman
  • Learn and practice the principles of transforming sexuality into a sacred practice of energy, love and awareness

  • Learn to develop a living connection with your Purpose and Higher Values as a man
  • Regain your sense of Dignity and Honor as a man in all your relationships

We work with a variety of methods in order to skillfully address all the different developmental stages of this theme. Some of the used methods are Active and Silent Meditations, Body and Breathing Exercises, Basics of Trauma Therapy (Somatic Experiencing SE® + NARM), Guided Journeying, the understanding of Family Constellation and Primal Therapy, Sharing, Rituals, Transparent Communication, and the group dynamic to help each other to see and bring clarity into this vital aspect of being a man.

The Training consists of 5 Modules

1. Stepping into the Circle – Brotherhood, Masculine Power and Finding your North Star

In this first module, we will explore our connection to masculine energy in our inner and outer world. We bring a healing light into the way we got influenced and shaped by our fathers and male ancestors. Through becoming aware of our conditioned patterns around being a man, the connection to power and sexuality, we ignite the passion to find one´s own individual and authentic expression of being a man. We learn to embrace, integrate and practice our masculine qualities in a way that it enriches our own life and the world around us.

An important part will be to discover, refine and embody your deeper values, and how this aligns into your Purpose – the North Star for your journey in this training.

2. Principles of Creation – Understanding the dance between the masculine and feminine

On our second weekend we will come to a deeper understanding of the dynamic interplay of masculine and feminine energies in the world, and in ourselves. We remember that we were given life by the masculine, and were brought into the world through the feminine. We come together for a revealing and healing time to make clear how this primordial connection to mother shaped and influenced our inner life, the relationships with women, and our body. From here we start building a new relationship with all the women in life, and learn practices and rituals for maintaining a loving and awake connection with the whole world of the feminine.

3. Embracing the Dark – Turning shadows into love and presence

In this third module we will work with the archetypes and roles that men of all times have inhabited. With the use of the chakra system we explore these roles to see how they are influencing our lives and our sexuality. Through this we become aware of all the different energies and qualities that are available to us, and bring light into the individual and collective shadows that we carry around sexuality, relating to women and being a man.
Bringing our shadows and hidden aspects into the healing light of awareness, we become more clear, alive, loving and free men.

4. The Art of Love –Transforming sexuality into a sacred practice

In this module we bring the focus to the way we can transform sexuality and intimacy into a sacred art of living life, and how our sexuality can support the flourishing of all aspects of life – sex, love, relationships, work and can even strengthen the dedication to living a life of purpose.

We will learn how to work with the sexual energy in the body, while being with a partner or alone. We see how the principle of polarity awakens and maintains the juice and the love in relationships, and get the tools to practice this. We will learn how to include a spiritual dimension of dedication, meaning, learning and growing into life and relationships.

5. Completion and Integration – Embodying the Change

In the last meeting we will give time to reflect on the journey each man has been on in this Training. You will realign and recalibrate your North Star, and get clear feedback about what is your next step in stepping into the world.

You will develop a clear understanding of your map of relating – your wounds and challenges, your gifts and contributions, and your unique path of practicing conscious relating as a man.

To end something means also to honor something: Therefore will also have time to celebrate our shared journey and develop a ritual to complete the Training together!

Contact and Registration

Homepage of the Training:

Location for Training: Bílý Mrak – Borohrádek,
Šachov (Týniště nad Orlicí)

The whole training is held in english with czech translation, therefore international participants are very welcome. The whole staff and normally a majority of participants are fluent in english!

Dates for the Training:

1st module 17. – 19.5. 2024
2nd module 21. – 23.6. 2024
3rd module 12. – 15.9. 2024
4th module 25. – 27.10. 2024
5th module 6. – 8.12. 2024


“I entered the training as a scared boy, single, who didn’t trust himself and who was ashamed of his own body and sexuality. I am  gradually acquiring more and more healthy confidence and more mature male identity. I feel freer and I am also more attractive for women who naturally started to appear in my life.
Currently I have a girlfriend.”