Seminar ‘Sex, Love and Relationsships’

A seminar to reconnect with our essential source of energy in sexuality and vitality, through understanding the conditionings and misunderstandings that each of us carries around this theme. In a safe and conscious environment we learn to open again to joy and pleasure in the body, using it as a doorway to Meditation.

Sexuality is one of our strongest and most powerful forces and at the same time the most shamed and judged area of our life. It’s an energy that when is clear is a great source of joy and creativity and when unconscious can become the roots of deep frustration and confusion. The shame, guilt and misunderstanding around sexuality are touching all the realms of our lives, from our mental and physical health to our intimate relationships with partners, with life and with ourselves. To work with sexuality is to come back to our body with awareness, in love and deep respect.

Seminar contents

In this group we are going to re-member our body and its miraculous source of feelings and sensations. We will learn how to build a container of trust as a group and as an individual to support us to reconnect and heal wounds and traumas from the past around our sexuality. The same energy that has been used to keep us disconnected with the uncomfortable feelings and sensations from old experiences in our bodies becomes available to reconnect with our natural flow of sexuality, where we experience pleasure, joy and aliveness.

When we experience our energy flowing from its roots, we reach states of acceptance and relaxation and a flowering starts happening. The body becomes a doorway for meditation, awareness expands into unknown spaces and we become more open and receptive. We can move deeper into relating with ourselves with other people and with life.