Trauma-Informed Facilitation – 9 Week Online Training

Starting March 28th

Create more Impact, Sustainaibility and Flow by making what you do Trauma-Informed

– You are competent and skilled in your facilitation work, but get exhausted and tired regularly?

– Do you sometimes get so deep into complex territory and wonder how to navigate it?

– You wonder if your work can have more flow and impact at the same time?

I believe that the future of working with people will be trauma-informed. – Gregor Steinmaurer

Trauma has become a fashionable word over the past years.

Both professionals and lay people are becoming more aware of how Trauma and its symptoms are affecting many people on a daily basis.

However, there isn’t a lot of information about how Trauma affects your work as a teacher, group leader, facilitator etc., let alone how to navigate it effectively.

When Trauma stays unrecognized it will show up through challenging symptoms and experiences.

You might get stuck in cycles of frustration, stress or conflicts in your facilitation or groups.
It might show up as disengagement or lack of motivation in your team, or as exhaustion and near burn-out in yourself.

In this 9-week online Training you will learn how to recognize and navigate the hidden layers of Trauma in your work, and get the tools to offer spaces for other people, with an awareness for Trauma.

The intention of this training is not to turn you into a Trauma Therapist or make Trauma the focus of your work.

It is about understanding and navigating individual & collective trauma when facilitating, so that your work becomes:

  • more fluid AND competent
  • up to date with the future that will be trauma-informedmore enjoyable and sustainable for you
  • more effective and satisfying for the people you work with
  • more safe and impactful for everyone

What you will get from the Training:

-Understanding the Role of the Nervous System and the Body in Facilitation

– Learning how to create a safe and sustainable space for yourself and others

– Prevent yourself from burning out or accumulating stress and frustration in your work

– Learning how to move from Activation and Dysregulation back to Regulation and Capacity in your work and facilitation

– Learn how to safely recognize Trauma without having to actually DO anything with the content

– Understanding the impact of individual and collective trauma on Power & Group Dynamics

– Learn to recognize unconscious Pain-Points in yourself & in the people that you work with

– How to create an optimal zone for learning and cooperation through the right mix of aliveness and safety

The training consists of 4 Modules and Live-Calls

1. Principles of Trauma-Informed Facilitation

What the lens of Trauma-Awareness can contribute to good facilitation and Leadership.

2. What is Trauma – Personal Dimension

Understanding the basics of Trauma in the role of the Nervous System.

3. What is Trauma – Collective Dimension and its effects in Facilitation

Understanding Group Dynamics through the lens of Trauma

4. Translating the Principles of TIF into your Work

How to create a safe, coherent and clear setting for your work

Inner and Outer Tools to work with Trauma in Facilitation and Leadership

In addition, there will be 2 Mentor Calls, which offer opportunities to deepen the content, reflect on your own challenges and learnings and have space for Questions and Answers.

There will also be an option to enter self-organized Study Groups.

Hard Facts:

Call #1 Tuesday, March 28th 19:00-21:00 CEST

Call #2 Tuesday, April 11th 19:00-21:00 CEST

Call #3 Tuesday, May 9th 19:00-21:00 CEST

Call #4 Tuesday, May 23rd, 19:00-21:00 CEST

Mentor Call #1Monday, April 24th, 19:00-21:00 CEST
Mentor Call #2 Monday, May 15th 19:00-21:00 CEST

Calls will be recorded and available to watch for participants

Price: 260€
Early Bird Price of 220€ until March 6th

Scholarships are available upon request

For questions, contact


This training is for you if:

You work with people in any context where you are offering a space and holding the context and intention

You already have experience with facilitating and have encountered challenging situations which either overwhelmed you or someone you were working with

You want to understand challenging dynamics, repetitive conflicts and stressful interactions in a new light
& bring more clarity and professionalism to your working context.

You are ready to reflect on your trauma history in order to make your work more sustainable and successful for yourself and others

This is NOT for you if:

You don’t have any prior experience with facilitation or leadership, as this is not a Basic Training on facilitation or Trauma Therapy.

About Gregor Steinmaurer

Good Facilitation for me is like Art – and it can be a very satisfying but also very complex process.
When I started working with people and facilitating groups – around 20 years ago – there was not much talk about Trauma yet, and I had to learn about it the hard way.

I was puzzled at the beginning of my journey why for some people being in a meeting or in a group was very difficult, while it was easy for others.

I went on to learn about Trauma, the Nervous System, new research from Neuroscience and discovered our implicit ways of checking safety and competence in leaders – and sure enough my way of working and facilitating changed.

This training now is what I wish I had available when I started out on my journey – and I hope it will benefit you on your journey to become your next best version of yourself as a facilitator, teacher or leader.

Based in Austria and living part-time in Berlin, he is teaching and giving workshops internationally, having worked with hundreds of people in different countries and continents for more than 15 years. The work is a culmination of many years of deep inner work and trainings in different areas of human development.

Systemic Therapist, Coach and international Facilitator. Master Degree in Counseling Psychology (University of Graz, Austria), Trauma Therapist (SE, NARM).

Trained in a variety of approaches from Systemic Family Therapy, NLP, Neuroaffective Psychotherapy, Energy Reading, Bodywork, Family Constellation, Childhood Deconditioning and others.

Senior assistant and lecturer at the Academy of Inner Science, founded by Thomas Hübl, and the Pocket Project, a non-profit organization to raise awareness and support integration for collective and intergenerational trauma in the world.

He is passionately interested in the further development of collective healing oriented processes at the intersection of trauma, mysticism and integral development.