Seminar ‘Awareness Intensive’

Have you ever asked yourself ‘Who am I?’or ’What is Life?’ – if so, then maybe this retreat is for you. This is a retreat where you have time to bring the focus of your attention back to your Self, and find out and experience who You truly are! 

It is not an intellectual or philosophical approach, but a direct and experiential journey of knowing your Self. The retreat offers a unique blend of eastern meditation techniques and self-inquiry in combination with a communication technique based on western psychological insights. We all want to know who we really are, what life means, or how to become truly ourselves. In this process this is what you are going to investigate into, through asking yourself ‘Who am I’ or ‘Who Is In?’ The question ‘Who am I?’ is as old as humanity and is maybe the most important question a human being can ask.In this Retreat we use this question as a ‘Koan’, a tool to guide the way to our true Self. A ‘Koan’ is a term used in traditional Zen Buddhism which describes a riddle-like question, which is not designed to be answered mentally. It is a device that helps to transcend the dualistic mind, to become available for a higher experience, in which the riddle is not only solved, but dis-solved! Experiencing ‘Who you really are’ is called an experience of Awakening in all the mystical traditions. You awake to your true nature, and peace, love, compassion flow through your Being.

Structure of the Process

The structure of the process is carefully designed that creates a space in which you can focus totally on your own individual search. The core of the process is a communication technique which is done in pairs, using partners in the group as a supportive mirror for your inquiry. In this technique one changes from listening to communicating every 5 minutes, lasting for 40 minutes in one session. In the communication with the help of the ‘Koan’ you are moving through the layers of identification, which are preventing your authentic Self to come to the light. While there is a clear aim of having a Direct Experience of your True Self, also many other benefits and learning can happen on the way. 

  • increased awareness of one’s own energetic patterns and needs
  • strengthening of one’s centering, the sense of grounding and ‘being here’
  • learning about the dynamics of  communication, being able to listen better and to communicate more clear