‚The Heart of Self Inquiry‘ –
5 day retreat

A journey to discover,
live and express
Who you Really Are!

[Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Englisch verfügbar.] Practicing an embodied Spirituality for more Vitality, Love, Awareness and Clarity in modern life.

Are you longing to live from your deepest Core?
Do you want to live with Clarity, Awareness and a deep sense of Connection?
Are you ready to take a jump into the essence of your being?
Are you looking for tools to be more centred, peaceful and connected?
Do you want to discover and manifest your full potential?

In these 5 days we will go together through the fascinating and transforming journey of self-inquiry

We will work with a wide range of methods of self-inquiry from different spiritual and therapeutic traditions, in order to understand ourselves, others and life in a new and deeper way. Self-Inquiry means that we are taking the time and energy to become curious, loving and clear about our essential energies as well as about the structures and patterns which keep us from living our deepest potential.

By connecting to ourselves with awareness and love we bring healing and clarity into our life, and we can start living a more meaningful and fulfilling life and integrate it into our relationships.

The journey of self-inquiry in this retreat will include active and silent meditations, mindfulness and sharing practices, working with our body and emotions, communication techniques and playful group dynamics in order to practice with our body, feelings and mind who we really are.

The group and the meditative space we create together functions as a support and mirror for the deeper core of our being. Through this we bring the healing light of awareness to our psychological shadows which still carry the unresolved information of trauma and wounding, and stuck energies can complete and become alive again.

Through this process we invite healing for ourselves, but we also understand our collective story of being human, and can meet others with more love and clarity.