Seminar ‘Being Man’ –
The essence of masculinity beyond myth and modernity

What does it mean to be a man in our modern times? Although the demands on being a man in contemporary societies became more complex and demanding, they also became more unclear and vague.

Qualities like decisiveness, purpose, strength and clarity in action and presence are often marked as masculine qualities. When we look into the present state of the world and ourselves, it becomes clear, that men are in difficulty accepting and living these qualities. This often results into either pretended excess of masculinity and dominance or a rejection of masculine energy, a passivity and submissiveness. During this seminar we will look for conscious and positive ways of using masculine energy and understanding the roots of our masculinity. The attitude towards our masculine energy is conditioned by our connection with our father and other male authorities, which then strongly influences all our relationships with women, our children and other men.

Seminar contents

In this seminar men have the opportunity, to come together and looking into what it means to be a man, beyond stereotypes and conditioned roles. Together we can inquire how we shaped and often unconsciously inherited our ideas and beliefs around masculinity from our fathers, peers and the collective beliefs of society, and where actually the essence of this energy is always available to us. We are working in the group with Meditation, Bodywork, Bio-energetic Exercises, Group Dynamics, Self-Inquiry and mostly through Sharing amongst Men. Accepting our masculine qualities can enlighten our own life journey and enables us also to be beneficial to our beloved ones and the whole world.