Conscious Relating - for Couples, Lovers and Singles

- A practice for deeper intimacy and loving relationships

We are relational beings, and we all long for deep, intimate and fulfilling love relationships.
Yet very often we experience intimate relationships as very complicated and many times our efforts to find and sustain love result in conflict, disappointment and frustration.

In this weekend we want to share our understanding about the theme of relationship.

Before we look into what happens when two people meet we will take some time to understand our own individual being. Often what we experience in relationships is a mirroring of our inner state, so to be able to relate to another in a healthy and conscious way we must first be in touch with ourselves.
That means we don’t need to be in a partnership in order to work on relationship.

We will have a clear and sincere look at the beliefs and myths we carry around relationship. Many times we burden “intimate relationships” with a baggage of old and unconscious habits, expectations, fantasies and immature hopes - Like the dream about the “right one” that will bring us happiness and fulfill all our needs, and once we find “real love” it will stay as it was in the beginning forever.
The work is to realize that relationship is a living process, and as anything that is alive it needs care, nourishment and skillful practice to keep it flowing and flourishing.

We will share with you simple and easy skills and practices that support you to move from struggle, frustration and even wounding in relationship into a place of appreciation, support and mutual growth.
These practices include keeping your energetic connection alive, conscious communication and understanding your partner’s needs and gifts.

Part of the weekend is devoted to understanding the male/female polarity, which is what drives us towards meeting each other in intimate relationships. We look at how some fundamental differences in the masculine and feminine bodies, brains, and hormones shape our behavior in relationships.

When we understand and honor these differences, without confining ourselves to it, we create the base for a healthy polarity and a loving connection, which gives us the opportunity to love each other according to the old spiritual principle: We are mirrors for each other, through which we can see ourselves more clear and learn to love deeper.

In this Weekend we will:

  • Bring understand to yourself and your beliefs about relationship Learn how to appreciate the male/female principle in myself and others.
  • Understanding the basic dynamic of polarity, differences in sex, body, hormones, brain and behavior.
  • Learn simple and practical tools to deal with relationship in day-to-day life.
  • Include a spiritual dimension of dedication, learning and growth into your relationship.